Montpellier, France

If you enjoy street art then the place to visit is Montpellier in France. Park at the Place de La Comedie and you are centrally placed for exploring.

Armed with a map you can wander round Montpellier searching for Space Invader mosaics

_75A2567-2 copy

When the urban artist Invader chose to “invade” Montpellier he decided to put his mosaics in specific places and in a way that when they were located on a map would form a huge Space Invaders alien from a birds eye view. Happy searching, we did manage to find quite a few but did not complete the whole thing.

Another unusual sight to look for is the bicycles which appear to be coming out of the buildings.

_75A2543-2 copy

In a square in the centre of the old city you can find painted bollards, a sight worth seeing.

_75A2558-2 copy

In the Saint Roch neighbourhood of Montpellier opposite the Eglise Saint Roch you will find the most wonderful mural which makes you look twice.

_75A2552-2 copy

Montpellier is a lovely place to visit even if it is just to sit in one of the many street cafes on the Place de la Comedie and admire the beautiful architecture of this city.

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