Luxembourg City, Luxemburg

This was our first visit to Luxembourg and I researched where the best places were for photography before we went.  You need to be fit to walk around Luxembourg as it is very hilly.

Casemates du Bock give fantastic views across the city and from the Chemin de la Corniche you get a panoramic view of the River Alzette.

Wander further round the city and you come to the Cathedral de Notre Dame.

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Opposite the Cathedrale you will find the Petrusse Casemates. When we were there the centre of the town was closed as they were opening the new suspension bridge for cyclists under Post Adolphe. A suspended bridge was a unique way to give cyclists their own path.  It offers great views of the Petrusse valley.  There was a festival atmosphere with stalls set up around the centre of town.  Lots of cyclists took the opportunity to cycle round a car free city centre.

We even listened to some Jazz

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Another place that is a must to visit is the Kirchberg area in the North- east of the city.  Here you will find MUDAM The Musee d”Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean. This was designed by the same architect that designed the Louvre in Paris.  The museum stands on the site of the old Fort Thüngen and brings the contrast between old and modern.

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Exploring this area further you arrive at the Philharmonie, an impressive modern building.

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I can recommend the Eastern Garden Sarl on the Route de Treves for a meal but be warned that the portions are very large indeed but taste wonderful.

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