Brixham, Devon

Brixham is a small fishing town in the district of Torbay in the county of Devon, in the south-west of England.  Brixham is popular for it’s fishing and tourism and has one of the largest fishing fleets in the UK. It lies at the southern end of Tor bay and across the water from Torquay.

Visiting Brixham is a colourful experience.  The town is known for it’s colourful houses which surround the harbour. When there be prepared for a few steep climbs because the town is hilly and some of the best views can be seen from the top of the town.

In the past Brixham had two distinct communities, the area at the top of the hill was known as Cowtown and the harbour area was known as Fishtown.  The views from the top of these narrow passages are well worth the climb.

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At the harbour there is a viewing platform which gives both great views  of the busy working port and over the town.

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Take a walk along the breakwater to the lighthouse or walk up to Berry head where you will find an iconic lighthouse and a Napoleonic Fort. As part of the coastal headland that forms the southern boundary of Tor Bay the views along the coastline are stunning.

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For photographers there are numerous opportunities to take pictures of the stunning views however there are also chances to take some different shots.

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